Best Way to Learn Brazilian Jiu JItsu

Brazilian jiu jitsu is one of the best martial arts to learn. You will be able to exercise your body and learn self defense at the same time. Question is what is the best way to learn brazilian jiu jitsu?

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“All beginning is difficult”; this applies to many things, especially brazilian jiu-jitsu. Especially in the first training sessions, many often feel overwhelmed. You hear many things that you can not assign, you have to practice techniques that you have no idea about, and when rolling, it’s hard enough not to have to grope every few seconds. In addition, there is also the physical stress, which, if one is not used to exercise, gives the rest completely.
To bridge the initial ignorance as quickly as possible, you’ll find a guide here that may prove useful in the beginning.
A good BJJ beginner Gi

The Gi does not make the fighter, he just adds to it. An accomplished BJJ fighter does not get worse with a cheap kimono, just as a bad fighter gets better with an expensive gi. Of course, expensive equipment often offers higher quality, but just in the beginning, if you’re not sure whether this sport is right for you, it does not have to be the most expensive kimono.
Those who, on the other hand, are sure from the start that they want to do the sport, should immediately resort to a higher-quality kimono, since this will at least accompany them for a few years. Above all, a physical cut and robust workmanship are important. It should also be remembered that if you want to participate in competitions, the Gi must meet certain requirements.

A good Gi for beginners like everyone else BJJler is also the Fortaleza by Ju-Sports. Some of my training partners have the model and I took a closer look at the kimono. They were very satisfied with the Gi and he also gives me a good impression of the workmanship. The cut may not be as beneficial as some high-priced competition gis, but ultimately it’s up to the player and not the gown 😉

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