IELTS Material Writing Task 2 – Study Guide for Test Takers

IELTS Material Writing Task 2 – Study Guide for Test Takers

IELTS Material Writing Task 2 – In the IELTS material test, there are three parts of the writing task that the test takers should complete. The first writing material task requires the candidates to write about 150 words while in the IELTS material writing task 2, they should write at least 250 words. The first material consists of simple tasks and lasts about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, the writing task 2 is more difficult and it lasts for 40 minutes.

IELTS Material Writing Task 2 – Study Guide for Test Takers

IELTS Writing Task 2 – Overview
In this second task of the writing session, you will be given a specific topic. Then, you need to show your ability to give a response in several ways. Generally, you will be asked to discuss a topic, give an opinion, outline problems, summarize details, and identify solutions. Not only that but you are also supposed to provide relevant examples taken from your own experience to support your answers. The IELTS material writing task 2 has more weight in marking if compared to the writing task 1.

Writing Task 2 Steps – Easy Tips
To help you produce high-quality pieces of writing, here are some easy tips that you can follow.
1. Question Analysis
First, you need to identify the types of the questions given, the keywords, as well as the instructions words. It will help you to figure out what the examiner requires you to with the questions.
2. Planning
Take about 10 minutes to plan what you will write just after you read the questions. It will allow you to organize the structure of the writing as well as your idea.
3. Introduction
The introduction in your writing should be able to give a picture to the examiners of what they are going to write.
4. Main Body
The main body of your paragraphs in the material writing tasks 2 should contain more details. It should contain main points that supported with relevant examples.

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