Home Interior Design Inspiration at IKEA

Dear bloggers, a week ago I finally to IKEA as well. Udah Kepengen to there since the new open first but it feels a pity if there are the same friends. But there is no friend anyway who want to lantern there.

So to the same IKEA who?

Yummy to IKEA, of course, the same family yes. To be able to share and look for home needs together. Many kids looked very excited when I was to IKEA yesterday. They are vigorously moving from one display bedroom and living room to another. Some even playhouses with your brother or sister. Because I have not been able to have family sustenance, then I am there with someone special for me. Alhamdulillah, we’ve had a house NIH though in different islands, well even though my house is very simple once really. Well, so I was better to wait for the moment he to Tangsel to us to IKEA together so as to know each other’s tastes about the interior of the house.

My favorite at IKEA

The “it ” patio
My parents ‘ house has a beautiful garden and beautiful as I was born first. Hubby I love to grow a palm-type ornamental plant. It is equipped with tea plants that are formed like evergreen trees and covered in lush Japanese grass with green carpets. My parents ‘ home page is still my favorite though compared to any park I have ever visited. Because of this, I always dreamed of having a home in a small garden. The little garden is not what. The rear terrace or front of the house with various plants is enough to fulfill that desire. Well, yesterday Nemu patio settings or terraces that fit really the same taste I NIH. A very nice place to stay in the afternoon.

Besides the patio, I also love the house that many flowers. Incidentally, Nemu display shelving plants that okay got. The plastic flowers at IKEA almost make my shop, but Alhamdulillah I can undo. Hahaha.

The Living Room

The family room is where all the members of the family relax, enjoy the spectacle you like, or simply play and chat together. It is the only space most frequently accessed by all the home citizens. The increasingly expensive land prices make today’s homes tend to be minimalistic/narrower in size. But IKEA has always had a solution to overcome it. The order of the shelves attached to the wall of this tiny family room has been my dream since years ago. It’s a neat house. The goods can be put there to facilitate when they want to be taken, as well as can be used as a wall decoration of the house is good to see.


The bedroom in IKEA is nice-nice all. The tastes of vintage, classy elegant, shabby chic and colorful are all in their display sample. Their very slick order makes me confused to favorite which…

The new trend of using space as much as possible seems more attractive. One example of the application in the following child’s room, the upper part for the bed, then underneath to store clothes and can even be used as a place to study.

A similar concept I first met at the blog TabithaEvansDesign.com about Small and Modern Apartment. Even in the real display for apartments size 25 square meters also applied a similar concept. The bottom area of the bed is enabled as “Family room “, with television in front of it.

Working Corner Dream

I have a mini work desk at home. It’s not a mouth-worn table and chairs like in the office. The main point of the work desk at home for me is “do not eat the place”. Quite a long table for laptops. Why long? So it can be used both, so the efficiency of home space. I wanted a table that was stuck on the wall so it was simple, with two chairs to work. Yesterday at IKEA there was already in the working corner criteria that I wanted. The Seneng really death can see in real form over the design of the part of the House that we dream of. Hopefully, it can quickly make it happen. Amin.

Minimalist Kitchen Dream

Following the space of a house that is not too vast, the present kitchen must also be plotted to fit a lot but still beautiful and hygienic. So many kitchens display that yesterday can be seen. In fact, there is a dream kitchen vote contest in IKEA Lho. Please, followup maybe lucky. Simply Click http://votenwin.ikidevents.com/. I love the kitchen concept adjacent to the dining table. Besides economical place also warmer, the mother who cooks will be awaited by other family members who already sit sweetly at the dinner table. To circumvent the space that is not too wide, the dining table can be made portable or select the size of the Mini.

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