Know 8 Types of Intelligence in Children

Know 8 Types of Intelligence in Children

Based on information from Howard Gardner, the originator of multiple intelligence theory, there are not a few aspects and abilities that can be used to measure how smart a person is. Such intelligence can also be judged by how well the person communicates, learns, plays, and still not a little more. Therefore, it is very urgent to find out what type of intelligence your baby has. Thus, we as parents can develop the maximum potential of children. Here are the reviews.

Emotional Intelligence

Children who have this type of intelligence can recognize emotions, identify, and confess their feelings accurately. Then he can adjust his behavior according to the emotions he feels. Of course, children with emotional intelligence are easier to socialize with new environments.

Social Intelligence

In contrast to emotional intelligence, this type has more sensitive instincts in establishing friendship or cooperation with others. In addition, children who have social intelligence will be more able to build solid teams.

Logical-mathematical intelligence

This type of intelligence creates children able to do mathematical calculations and examine problems logically. Logical-mathematical intelligence also makes your baby can detect a pattern or reason deductively. Thus, he can think of an innovative and rational solution to the problem.

Naturalist Intelligence

Naturalist intelligence implies children’s knowledge about planets and living things. Children who have this intelligence often have a strong interest in plants, mountains, oceans, animals, and the weather. If your child shows this intelligence, you should not hesitate to encourage him to become a scientist or work in the field of science.

Musical Intelligence

Little do you like music? Find out if he really has musical intelligence. Children with musical intelligence are often very appreciative of music. Usually, children with this type of intelligence also like to learn so many musical instruments and struggle to create their own music.

Kinesthetic Intelligence

Kinesthetic intelligence is characterized by how well children use their bodies. This can be seen from how well he uses body language when communicating, to the more complex athletic tasks. This type of intelligence is usually mastered by all athletes who can maximize their body movements.

Linguistic Intelligence

Does your child like taking notes or reading? If so, he can have linguistic intelligence. This type is characterized by children’s skills in knowing and producing written or spoken language. This intelligence is also concerned with skills in matters of communication, creativity, and abstract reasoning.

Visual & Spatial Intelligence
Not merely about artistic ability, this type of intelligence gives children more skills to get to know the environment around them. In addition, visual and spatial intelligence is needed to survive in this large, residential world. For this type, children will have a level of intelligence related to patterns, colors, shapes, directions, and distances. Children with visual-spatial intelligence also have the skills to identify colors and objects. However, unfortunately they will have weaknesses in the aspects of lateral thinking and creativity.

Thus eight types of intelligence in children that we should know. Approximately, which one is our baby in?

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