Luxury bedroom Decor Ideas

Decorating a luxurious bedroom does require a trick in itself. Whether it’s in a spacious or limited room, you can still get a bedroom with a comfortable atmosphere and a luxurious impression so it feels.

The luxurious element in a room can be got from the combination of wall colors, wallpaper, ceiling model, until furniture that has been built. This luxurious bedroom can be a reference for you who want to design a master room. Although luxurious, the impression of minimalist and modern you can feel.

You can also apply a vintage impression to your luxurious room. This vintage impression makes the bedroom feel more unique. The one that makes the room look fancy is the large bed that can be a center point in the room.

Other accessories such as sofas, carpets, and glass cabinets can also be considered. Well, for the curious to decorate the room with a luxurious impression, here are some reference ideas decorating the bedroom of the site for you.

1. Decorating with Wallpapers

To emphasize the luxurious elements of your room, apply the wallpaper with the fancy motif elements. The gray color on this wallpaper is suitable as your choice. You can combine them with white walls so that the elements are more pronounced. Add the bed and furniture with the color of the bed to sweeten your bedroom.

2. Decoration with vinyl floor and wide ceiling

The expanded design ceiling Model will accentuate the room’s luxurious impression. Plus, there is a wooden vinyl floor that further beautify the room atmosphere. The room is white Brown and is able to give a warm impression so comfortable to rest. Large bed and some supporting furniture further add to your room beauty.

3. Purple Nuance Decoration

The purple nuance of this bedroom is able to give a glamorous impression on your bed. The color of the wood can be applied to the ceiling and bed. While to add a luxurious impression, you can choose the color of the wall grey and vinyl wood flooring. Cabinets with glass doors further add to the luxurious decoration of this master room.

4. Bed decoration with mosquito net

For those who are happy with pastel colors, this one bedroom decoration is suitable for you to apply. The pastel blue color on the wall will sweeten the look of your room. While the feminine and luxurious side can be applied with a mosquito net in bed. Decorated with unique furniture, this room is also suitable for those who are happy with all the vintage.

5. Decoration with wooden walls

Although there are wooden decorations on the walls, the master bedroom remains a luxurious look. You still get a luxurious and minimalist impression in it. These wooden decorations can be made as a room decoration at once and make the room atmosphere look more unique. Combine with black floor and white ceiling to sweeten the atmosphere.

That’s him some bedroom decorating ideas with a luxurious feel that can be your reference. Hopefully useful.

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