The lecture period is very much different when compared to the high school period. The lecture is a period where you have to really think about the direction of your plans for the future. There are choices to be made, such as the question: pursuing high GPA or active organizations?

To answer this question, you need to know what goals you want to achieve in the future. Not always a high GPA is better than experience when organizing, but too much focus on the organization will certainly hamper lectures which are the initial goal. Source :

Well, here are some things that can be considered in choosing between a high GPA or an active organization.

Organization Sharpens the Mushy Talent and Adds Experience
What you will get in the organization and committee will not be found in the lecture environment. This is very important, especially when you graduate from college. Because actually not only college grades that will help you deal with the rigors of life.

Organizations Increase Relationships and Improve Social Skills
Joining various organizations and activities will make the relationship or friendship become wider. Not only friends in the same department, you can even get to know a variety of people from other faculties or even other universities that have similar organizations.

Not only that, the organization will also make you more capable in socializing. Get to know the various characters of people and understand how to socialize with them.

Organizations Become More Value in the CV
There is more value that you will get if you are active in the organization, in addition to being able to add to your social skills and to train your leadership, to organize also to add value to your CV (Cirriculum Vitae).

This point will be a consideration that can be important if you apply for a job. By organizing, you are considered to have more mature social skills so that when later placed on the field and dealing directly with the community, you can interact better than those who have never organized.

High GPA Is Easy to Get Scholarships
Although not absolute, a high GPA is the main requirement set by the scholarship organizer. Not only scholarships during college, there are also companies that offer scholarships for outstanding students, with high GPA. If it’s really good, you even get the chance to get a job at the company when you graduate. So don’t underestimate the high GPA.

Many Companies Looking for a High GPA
GPA is a standard that is used as a reference for the success of a student’s study. Some companies even require a minimum GPA of three or more. If your GPA is not good, the opportunity to apply for a job at the company may be smaller, despite having organizational experience.

High GPA Becomes A Pride
Not only you will be proud of these values, but even parents will be happy to know. This will be an experience you will never forget. Especially when you become one of the students with the highest GPA.

Actually it is rather difficult if you have to choose one of the high GPA or active organizations, because each has an important role in the world of work and in the future. Source :

So which is more important, high GPA or active organization? Of course the one who can answer that is you. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, from now on you have to determine priorities. Priority must be focused without overriding the others. Because both are still important.

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