Want to Activate Dark Mode on Chrome Android? Perform these 4 steps

Want to Activate Dark Mode on Chrome Android? Perform these 4 steps

Dark-themed background is becoming the trend of the application of cyberspace pages at this time. Facebook Messenger and Samsung, for example, are a handful of companies that showcase dark themes in their applications.

Not to be outdone, Google launched dark mode into the Chrome browser for Android devices. Although just tested, this feature has a special attraction for users.

The newly tested system only needs to activate the flag and adjust it in the settings.

Although it can be adjusted by the user, this mode still has bugs. Here are four steps to change the look of Google Chrome on your smartphone.

Update to Chrome 74

First, you must update Chrome to version 74 or higher. If you are not sure what version of Chrome you are using, open Settings, tap Applications, then select Chrome in the list.

Scroll down to the App Info page and the version number listed.

If you don’t use Chrome 74 or higher, you need to update the application. A new version is currently being launched in the Play Store.

Activate Flag
To enable flags in Google Chrome is quite easy. Open the application and type chrome: // flag into the address bar.

Press the Enter key. From there, search for “Android Chrome UI dark mode,” then tap the box marked “Default” below to the top results and select “Enabled”.

Press “Relaunch” when you are done.

Activate Dark Mode https://bit.ly/2kBONKo
After Chrome successfully reopens, you still need to activate Dark Mode. To do this, tap the menu button in the upper-right corner of the screen and select “Settings.”

From there, tap on “Dark Mode,” then activate the toggle on the next page to turn on this feature.

If the “Dark Mode” option does not appear in the Chrome settings, force close the application and check the settings again until “Dark Mode” appears.

In testing Gadget Hacks, this mode finally appeared after forcibly closing the Chrome application three or four times.

Dark Mode in Google Chrome is not a final product, so it still has ‘tangling’ in the system.

However, Dark Mode appears in the main browser UI, including a new tab page, tab switcher, address bar, and various menus in the application.

The biggest problem that might arise is black text on a dark background. Also, some pages don’t seem to turn dark like the bars. Good luck! https://bit.ly/2k8Pgnb

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