How to Choose a Wedding Reception Site

Wedding Reception Site

You need to coordinate the date and time available with the ceremony site and reception before confirmation can be made. The way to choose a reception site is largely determined by the size of your guest list. It is important to have a room that is not too big or too small. Your guests may feel lost in a room that is too big. To make the room appear smaller, you can partition the area using pot plants, roping, or movable room dividers. If the room is too small, it may become narrow and uncomfortable. When the weather and location permit, the reception can spill into the garden or terrace to increase the size of the area.

Wedding Reception Site

Allow about three hours for your reception. The length will depend on the style of reception, the location you choose, and the number of guests to be served.

Most hotels and caterers, who may be involved with more than one reception on a particular day, prefer you choose the time for your reception that remains in one conventional time period (morning, afternoon, evening, or night). If your reception extends to a second time period – such as from late afternoon to late evening – you may experience difficulties in booking a room, or increasing fees for room use and service.

When you have the choice of using all or some of the services offered with a possible acceptance site (maybe in a “package deal”), consider every detail before deciding. Packages may include (a) rooms, food and services; or (b) rooms, food, services, cakes and decorations.

Most facilities and banquet rooms require you to use their food and beverage services. Hotels sometimes offer extras with their packages, poor as discounted rates for out-of-town guests, and special wedding night rates for brides. When ordering a reception room months before your wedding, ask for a guaranteed price and get it in writing.

Make sure that each contract that you sign only includes the service you want, including a cancellation policy where you get back most of your money if you cancel (especially if the location is re-ordered by another group). Some locations will allow you to reserve a room for a while before signing a contract; however, a deposit is required at the time of signing – usually 10 percent of the total estimated cost.

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